Making accurate factual findings based on the available evidence is necessary but not sufficient to an effective investigation. The treatment of the parties in the investigation and the impact on the workplace are aspects of investigations that are often overlooked. In my investigations, I strive to reach accurate factual findings that you are able to rely on without causing undue distress to the parties or undue disruption to the workplace.

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Due to my unique background as an attorney, professional investigator and former educator, I am well prepared to conduct a broad array of investigations in schools and other educational settings.
Education Investigations

I am available to conduct a broad array of workplace investigations in all types of public and private sector organizations. Examples include investigations into the following types of allegations:

  • Discrimination based on a protected class
  • Harassment based on a protected class
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation for engaging in a protected activity
  • Policy or process violations
  • General misconduct